April Fools'!

posted 3 Apr 2011, 14:29 by Marc J
I've had my attention diverted elsewhere again recently, and not been able to keep the site updated, but I'm back, and a few days ago, on April 1st, I made my first attempt at the tube challenge, which you can read about in the Trial Run section of the site.

It was a little unexpected, but a free day in London opened up and I took it. Indeed, as I emailed and texted around the good news, not everyone was convinced, e.g.,

"I just realised! you're lazing in your bed on April 1st - you got me!!"

But no, a bit of photographic evidence is duly submitted...

Indeed, the only April Fools' joke occuring that day was by my sister who called to tell me that £10,000 had been transferred out from one of my company accounts the day before and did I know anything about it. She got me good, though in my defence I was rather distracted by trying to figure out which door I should be stood next to for a speedy exit coming up. Priorities and all. Well done Jill!