Section 3 Completed!

posted 29 Sep 2010, 10:52 by Marc J
To be honest, 'completed' is too optimistic a word. I know that there are a few gaps in there, and that I'll need to expand some parts of what I have into more segments, but for now I'm considering the dullest part of the task officially finished.

Part 3 of the project was to code in the travel times between each segment of the track that I have identified, along with typical service frequencies on the segment. You can see part of the excel file above showing exactly that.

Consider segment #3 in the screenshot above, from Ruislip to Rayners Lane. This segment actually encompasses two intermediate stations (Ruislip Manor and Eastcote) which have not been modelled explicitly. This type of simplification is discussed in an earlier phase of the project.

In column I we can see that the typical journey time along this segment is 6 minutes, and we see that trains arrive typically every 7 minutes between 6h and 7h, increasing to every 4 minutes between 7h and 9h, and so on.

The train frequencies will be useful to model how long I would typically wait for the next train if I arrive/change at the station at some point during the day. If I'm passing through the station (segment) without getting off then this information is redundant.