September: 10% of Target Reached

posted 30 Sep 2010, 09:14 by Marc J
Is that 10% of the fundraising target? Not quite, although you can donate here. And I'm hoping to push the fundraising aspect once I have more of the route planned and a sense of what the time might be.

With the addition of google adwords (have you clicked on one yet?) a few weeks ago to the site I made a grand total of £2.83 this month, or 10% of the cost of a zone 1
-9 travel card and the £9.99 I paid for this domain name. At an earning rate of £0.17 per day the project is scheduled to be self-financing re these two items 137 days from now. Which just so happens to be valentine's day 2011. Surely I should hope to have better options for that day then attempting the tube challenge...