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12. Platform Optimisation

Being stood at the right door every time you need to change makes the difference between getting a record time or not. If you're in the wrong carriage, then at busy times there are going to be way too many people between you and where you need to go when you get off.

In the first instance I used an iPhone app to get the correct carriage to be in. Then on my reconnaisance day I checked that the app was correct, plus identified the exact door to be at. Additionally I took some pictures and notes in order to be able to remember key items, as well as checked to see if there might not be a quicker way to change by taking some of the "no exit" routes - there were.

iPhone app used to pick correct carriage to be in

No, it's not a 5-yr-old's art project, but a sketch of a Central line station showing 3 lines, 2 platforms, and 1 bridge.

Picture for one station, for which a note was written saying to run down the left-hand "no entry" passageway if there were no people coming out of it, as that was faster to get to the platform than to continue turn right at that point and follow the normal signs. Yes, getting super anal by this point, but a wiseman once said, if you want to be a record breaker then dedication is what you need.