4. Additional Routes

In this section of the project I'll devote some hours to discovering alternative ways of joining up some of the nodes to create alternative segment options. In plain English this means I'll be looking for useful speedy bus and overland train routes to travel from one underground station to another in order to avoid backtracking slowly over the tube network through stations already visited.

With the amount of information available on the web it's fairly rapid to investigate possibilities and to add them in as possible segments that can be travelled between nodes. A fairly obvious one is the use of the overland service between Barking and Gospel Oak (it's even displayed on the full London Underground map, so hardly a fantastic new discovery that would blow the current record time out of the water..)

The screenshots captured above show the process of figuring out an additional route from the end of the Hammersmith and City line at Barking into the Central line at Leytonstone. Using the tube network alone such a journey would involve 11 stations and take around 30 minutes, whereas the segment identified above takes 15 minues.

Anyway, it occurs to me that I have just made an infographic on how to look up train times. I'm going out for a beer. I may be some time.