Proving it to Guinness

Having broken the record was one thing, I now needed for Guinness to verify it. They have a standard list of items that they require, such as a log book, but I also decided to thrill them with some of the most compelling video evidence they'll ever see! 

The submission centred on a 70-page document listing each leg of the journey - definitely a read guaranteed to put you to sleep. Here is a mock example page:

Footnote: Alas, it seems some people didn't realise this example page was a tease and complained to Guinness that the story was fabricated! The detective work included the revelations that:
- "But you can't run to Latimer Road station, it's closed" and,
- "the 048EarlsCourt video doesn't show a special connection, but a video of Rick Astley". 

Some people don't know their internet memes :)