The Rules

This page was correct as of the date of the record attempt, 21 April 2011
The Tube Challenge is a world record recognised by Guinness in which the participant attempts to visit every station in the London Underground (the tube) in as short a time as possible. The current record was set at the end of 2009, standing at 16hr 44mins.

270 stations are considered to comprise the network, with a couple needing to be visited more than once e.g., the Hammersmith and City part of Paddington station is several hundred metres from the other lines, and so that also needs to be visited by itself. Stations solely on the DLR are excluded.

More detailed information can be found on the relevant wikipedia page and also on this website.

  1. To 'visit' a station, you must arrive and/or depart by an underground train in normal public service. It is necessary for a through train to stop at the station for the visit to count, although you do not need to get out. This has some consequences: It's not possible to attempt the challenge at the weekend (some stations are closed) and care must be taken in planning the route because not all stations are open at all times of the day.
  2. It is not necessary to cover every stretch of track, so for example the Waterloo and City line is often missed out altogether because Waterloo and Bank are typically visited whilst on other lines.
  3. You are allowed to exit the underground system and travel by bus or on foot. So a tube challenger reaching the end of the Northern line at Morden may well get out and travel overland to Wimbledon entering the District line there. Taxis, cars, bikes, etc, are not allowed.
  4. Physically separate stations, which are not linked, but have the same name must all be visited. Thus Edgware Road, Hammersmith, and Paddington will be visited twice, each time on a different line.